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Firm Collaboration For Personal Injuries

Experiencing an injury in an accident is painful — physically, emotionally and financially. Accidents occurring in any venue raise questions about the need for appropriate medical care, recovery time, medical expenses and who is legally responsible.

If you experienced a personal injury in an accident and believe it was due to someone else’s carelessness, you need to speak with a personal injury lawyer to assess your situation.

Attorney Virginia M. Stephens, in Manassas and Woodbridge, can inform you of your options and protect your rights, start to finish.

Investigating, Negotiating And Litigating In Your Best Interests After A Serious Accident

Personal injury claims that Virginia M. Stephens can handle or find suitable representation for include:

  • Driving accidents. All accidents caused by another driver’s negligence may be considered. This includes drunk driving car accidents, distracted driving accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents and pedestrian accidents.
  • Medical malpractice. You must act now if a negligent doctor, nurse or pharmacist led to a worsening medical condition. Virginia state laws have specific statutes of limitations regarding medical malpractice lawsuits, all of which apply to the age of the person harmed, the type of compensation being sought and the point at which the injury incurred.
  • Product liability. For injuries related to the use of an unsafe consumer product, liability could rest with not only the manufacturer of a product but also with a distributor and designer.
  • Wrongful death. No amount of money will ease the grief caused by a loved one’s sudden loss of life. However, if someone else caused the accident leading to that death, that person may be liable for pre-death medical expenses. Additional considerations may include loss of income for the family and burial expenses.
  • Premises liability. Slipping and falling on an unmarked wet floor could cause unexpected, painful injuries. Likewise, tripping hazards often go unnoticed by an establishment’s management, but you should not have to suffer as a result.

For The Financial Recovery You Are Entitled To, Contact Us

Virginia M. Stephens has been a practicing lawyer for more than 25 years. The law firm with which she is associated, Carluzzo Rochkind & Smith, P.C., has extensive experience working toward settlements with insurers when injuries interrupt and end lives.

Thanks to our contingency fee policy, the firm is not paid until it recovers monetary damages for you.

If you are wondering if you may have a personal injury claim, call 703-361-0776 today for more information, or contact the firm online. Ms. Stephens offers $100 half-hour initial consultations, pre-paid by phone.