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Dividing Your Family, Not Deleting It

The decision to end a marriage is always a difficult choice. You may feel you failed at doing your part to maintain a relationship. You do not want to hurt anyone, especially if children are involved. And now you’re struggling with complex emotions and a maze of financial details.

Experienced divorce attorney Virginia M. Stephens of the law firm Carluzzo Rochkind & Smith, P.C., understands that if you are not getting along at home — and maybe even creating a toxic environment for your children — there is no other option to pursue than divorce.

A skilled, successful family lawyer for over 25 years, Ms. Stephens is at her best when you aren’t at your best. She understands the sensitive nature of family disputes and will work with you to set a strategy that advances your goals. She handles both contested and uncontested divorce cases and excels at working with high-net-worth individuals.

Quality Divorce Legal Services For Civilians And Military Members

When you divorce, you have the option of resolving conflicts outside of court. Virginia M. Stephens values your wishes for your family, regardless of whether you remain in the same home.

Even during a contested divorce, she believes it is best for you to determine the best course of action for your family, rather than leave your destiny to be decided by strangers in a courtroom. Though she is willing to take certain high-conflict cases to trial, collaboration is by far the better option.

Divorce practice areas in which Ms. Stephens is highly proficient include:

  • Military divorce, such as when military retirement benefits become a factor in support and property division discussions
  • Child custody and visitation arrangements during military deployment
  • Child support and spousal support, plus modification and enforcement when situations warrant
  • Equitable distribution of marital assets and property

Ms. Stephens’ experience has taught her that every family is different and each situation is unique. She is a kind, caring lawyer who feels compassion for your circumstances. When disagreements become contentious, she can be a fierce competitor on your behalf, and she will always fight for your best interests, especially when child access issues arise.

Consult With Virginia M. Stephens By Phone Or Email

Ms. Stephens will speak with you in her Manassas or Woodbridge office. She accepts credit card payments for 30-minute phone consultations and in-office consultations. Fill out her online form or call her at 703-361-0776 today for more information.