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Child And Spousal Support Determination

In Virginia, income-based guidelines are often used to determine both child support and spousal support. While you may not consider these methods to be fair or equitable, support amounts are intended to provide relatively equal standards of living between two homes after a divorce, or in establishing separate homes for children.

If you are divorcing and seeking child support and/or spousal support legal guidance, you can put more than 25 years of family law experience to work for you by contacting attorney Virginia M. Stephens, in Manassas and Woodbridge.

Virginia M. Stephens is an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer who thrives on being at her best when you aren’t at yours. She understands the sensitive nature of support orders and financial responsibilities. Though she believes that a collaborative resolution is best for your family, she has no qualms about going to trial. She has helped many civilian and military families to establish terms for their life changes.

You Set The Goals — She Provides The Strategies

Marital status is not considered when determining child support in Virginia, as both parents are legally required to provide for a child. Child support payments often serve to cover health care and child care expenses, in addition to the basic cost of living. The payment amount is based on the sum of both parents’ incomes, as requested by the custodial parent. Employment earnings are not the only type of income considered, however.

Other sources of income factored into child support payments may include:

  • Veterans’ benefits
  • Lottery winnings
  • Disability benefits
  • Unemployment insurance benefits
  • Workers’ compensation benefits

If you are seeking child support or are receiving too little, or if you need a modification due to a sudden, substantial change of circumstances, you should have an experienced family lawyer walk you through the process. Ms. Stephens will fight to get you the financial support you need to raise your children.

Spousal support, on the other hand, is typically determined by factors such as length of the marriage, future earnings capacity and financial contributions during the marriage. Not all divorces result in support arrangements, however. Only in situations where one spouse earns one and a half times more than the other will spousal support be considered.

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When you are ready to discuss child or spousal support arrangements, Ms. Stephens can assist you from either her Manassas or Woodbridge office. She accepts credit cards as payment for 30-minute phone consultations. Call 703-361-0776 or send an email. Additionally, she has partnered with the offices of Carluzzo Rochkind & Smith, P.C., to meet a broader range of client needs.